Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Guide 14/366

I just noticed earlier today that parking this plane has to be done with a guy holding two orange-colored flags on both hands that are waved in several ways until it gets to its right position.

A guide. He was so small amidst the wide plains, yet he is significant and essential. 

At the moment, I am sort of lost in the middle of so many things, people and paths. I pray for God to show my orange flag waving towards the direction that I should go. 


  1. Your article focuses on how a seemingly small and insignificant guide can become very important. That is true.

    We can also put the article this way: the plane is towering and all mighty but the pilot knows exactly where to look at: to even the littlest of details, such as a flagbearer.

    I am saying that sometimes, it is not only about how great wonders little things can bring but also how we pay attention to those little details. The guide/sign you are waiting might be there all this time. You just have to look intently.


    1. Thank you for making me see it that way as well... Yes, it had always been right in front of me... I just really get distracted and I have fears and a lot of excuses. Hopefully, this time, I get it to start it all right. Thanks for dropping by!


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