Saturday, 2 January 2016

Elevator Selfie Addict 1/366

Let the challenge begin.

366 photos that make or break my 2016. Because every picture in itself has a story, there is another story behind every picture that I will surely remember whenever I look back to them. 

I used to have a good sense of memory but too much anaesthesia took them away. So, to help me remember every significant moment, I am doing this 366 for 2016 photo challenge. 

Working on New Year's Eve

It's not something new but it I wasn't really ready to go back to this kind of work life. I thought I am. 

A good conversation with a new friend made me realize a few things and if things go well, maybe I won't have to go to work on NYEs while I am alive or even any holidays to come.

This year's theme: BelieveAndDoIt2016

First things first: Wake up and Get Up.  

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